Nathan Hanson, saxophonist

  • MN Express Days two and three

    Austin, MN welcomed us with a parade featuring the high school marching band. Although I have a feeling it may have been a Homecoming parade that we found ourselves near.

    We had a warm reception at Austin ArtWorks--a lovely and brand new (6 weeks or so) gallery and event center in a beautiful old building downtown. Big windows let the prairie sunset in. We had a really great meal at 1910 Mexican Kitchen (located in the old ballroom at the edge of downtown Austin. Then we played our show surrounded by art from two local artists. It was a great vibe.

    It didn't take long to spend the night in Owatonna, and we set out for Northfield at 7:15 this morning.
    We installed ourselves at the Farmer's Market at Bridge Square. The cold (27º) gave way to a really radiant warm and sunny fall day. It was even hot in the sunshine. Good thing we dressed in layers.

    It was super fun to see all the folks there buying veggies and baked goods, and the kids dancing to our music. I hope we see some familiar faces when we return to Northfield next week.