Nathan Hanson, saxophonist

  • MN Express Days after three, I forget how many

    Duluth, the city so nice they named it.

    We played last night at Teatro Zuccone for another great audience. Our concert was on one of the off-nights of the play that is currently running there, so we played in front of the set--a typical Florida condo. I felt right at home. Salmon walls with white trim, bland artwork in golden frames, beige lowpile carpet.

    Earlier in the day we popped-up at UDAC, a day program/sheltered workplace for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. We had such a good time playing, chatting, getting hugs and high-fives and dancing the hula. It was really a warm welcome to Duluth.

    This time together has really instensified the growth and depth of this ensemble. It's been a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other as people and artists. And it's been a great chance to develop a new ensemble music. I don't thing any of this would have been possible, at all, without the support of the grant. I am so grateful for the time to work on this project, and I cannot think of a way that it would have happened without the grant, and the staff of the Cedar that thought up the idea, wrote the proposal, and a million other details that they handled.

    We're sad to leave the hunting lodge, our refuge for the last few days. But we're happy to be on the road again. We'll pop up in Bemdiji this afternoon at Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. Live streaming on the webcam at around 3:15 Central.