Hanson Hirsh Clowser

Trio Improvisations

Hanson/Hirsh/Clowser shape musical narratives in real time. With Nathan Hanson on saxophone, Steve Hirsh on drums, and Ross Clowser on guitar, the trio invites their audience into a shared experience of creation, discovery, and beauty.  

“Lithe and soaring, engaging in judicious honk 'n' splatter” (New York City Jazz Record), Nathan Hanson makes music that invites listeners to stand outside themselves and the flow of time.  Hanson investigates how to channel the sound of each performance space. The energy of the audience circulates with the music, silence and breath. The effect leads listeners to become more present to the unfolding of each moment. (photo by Benny Moreno)

Steve Hirsh plays music on the drumset. He leads improvising ensembles around the Twin Cities in Minnesota and beyond. He has been fortunate to perform and record with, among others, Eri Yamamoto, William Parker, Joel Futterman, Daniel Carter, Sally Gates, Matthew Shipp, Luke Stewart, Dave Sewelson, Steve Swell, Mara Rosenbloom, Gabby Fluke-Mogul, Matt Lavelle, Babatunde Lea, George Cartwright, Christopher Parker, Kelley Hurt, Chad Fowler, Douglas Ewart, and Zoh Amba. Born and raised in New York City, Steve now makes his home in the woods of northern Minnesota.

Hailing from the prairies of Iowa, Ross Clowser is an American composer, improviser, scholar, and guitarist. Often working as a bandleader, creative collaborator, and sideman, Ross’ work spans from free improvisation and electronic music programming to intermedia collaborations and through-composed creative music. Inspired by the history of American creative music, the spirit of community, and the power of possibility, Ross creates work that reflects the present moment, imagines new futures, and engages with the past.