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Cody McKinney & John C.S. Keston with Aby Wolf, Kaleena Miller and Nathan Hanson

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The lineup on this particular evening features McKinney and Keston in our roles as bass/vocal/electronics and Keyboard/synth/electronics. Our special guests were Aby Wolf on voice and electronics, Kaleena Miller on tap (being manipulated at times by Keston) and Nathan Hanson on saxophones. Hanson, Miller, and Wolf are three of the most singular and creative voices anywhere in the world, but we are lucky to have them enrich the scene in the Twin Cities. To visually represent what you are hearing, we asked sculpture artist Kate Casanova if we could use a photograph of her piece [germophile] because it reads visually, so beautifully, to what we aim to achieve sonically.

As a final note, this music contains many things. We do not wish for any singular experience to be had. I listen back, knowing this was a final show before the world changed, and physical life became more distant and reliant on technology to stay connected. I hear these beautiful musicians, using their life long study of the technical, come into focus by relying on the instinctual. I hear a reaching out toward one another as well as a great amount of space, as if to say, "I want to understand you." I also hear empathy, I hear joy, I hear discovery, and I hear tradition. Most of all I hear love.

_Cody McKinney

PS_Release of this record comes months after the horrible murder of George Floyd at the hands of members of the Minneapolis Police Department. A terrible and horrific reminder that Black Lives Matter. All purchases will redirect to various orgs within the back community to help aid in healing and social justice. credits released November 20, 2020

Recorded live at The Icehouse in Minneapolis, MN. November 2019

Cody McKinney: electric bass, voice, electronics John CS Keston: Rhodes, synth, electronics Aby Wolf: voice, electronics Kaleena Miller: tap dancing Nathan Hanson: saxophones

Album Cover Artwork: " Kate Casanova Live Sound Engineer - Ryan Mach Mixed & Mastered: John CS Keston Produced by Cody McKinney and John CS Keston

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slipping, slinking, sparkling, sinking

Nathan Hanson

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Solo soprano saxophone. Extemporaneous compositions recorded without edits at Gildersound in Forest Lake, MN on 17 January 2020.

Nathan Hanson, soprano saxophone

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Randy Gildersleeve of Gildersound

All compositions by Nathan Hanson, Hansonic Publishing, ASCAP ©2020, all rights reserved

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One Everything

Nathan Hanson & Doan Roessler

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Composed by Doan Roessler and Nathan Hanson; Mixed by Alex Oana, John Kronlokken and Greg Schutte; Recorded by John Kronlokken, Matthew Zimmerman and Doan Roessler; Mastered by Bruce Templeton

Nathan Hanson saxophones; Doan Roessler bass, electric guitar, synth programming; Shane Akers lap steel guitar; Claire Belisle violin; Eliza Block trumpet; Ryan Christianson trombone; Laura Harada violin; Johnny Hermanson voice; Daniel Hickox-Young trombone; Erik Jacobson tuba; Christopher McGuire drum set; Graham O'Brien drums, percussion, samplers; Noah Ophoven-Baldwin cornet; Pratik Singh tablas; credits released July 14, 2017

©2017 all rights reserved

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Nathan Hanson & Doan Roessler

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Selenographia is a fancy term for the mapping of the moon’s topography. It’s also an apposite analogy for the creative interplay of Hanson and Roessler in this context. Theirs is an intimate vocabulary of musical markers that reflects longstanding artistic and geographical confluence. The lunar imagery in the album’s titles is no casual assignation either as it matches landmarks on the celestial satellite’s surface with the panoply of thoughts and moods threaded through the music. “Tranquility”, “Solitude”, “Trust” and “Fear”, all have their aural analogues in the architectures of sound.

Both players deal adroitly in the sort of extended techniques that are de rigueur on this sort of date. Where they differ is in the consistency with which they personalize said methods of expression. Roessler’s arco dexterity is frequently mesmerizing in celerity and precision, but his creations never feel bruising or bombastic. Even when he’s bouncing his bow off strings to conjure fibrillating rhythmic patterns of hummingbird speed as on “Lake of Forgetfulness” the results avoid sounding obvious or overwrought. Hanson commands the full range of his straight horn peeling off velvety purrs on the melody-rich “La Lune Est Morte” or turning to piquant nasalized repetitions on “Marsh of Sleep” and “Seething Bay” sure to make the ghost of... more credits released April 20, 2012

Nathan Hanson, Soprano Saxophone

Brian Roessler, Double Bass

Recorded & Mixed by Brian Roessler

Mastered by Alex Oana

Track Selection & Sequence by Jean Rochard (courtesy of disques nato)

Design & Printing by Cork Leg Nelson

Executive Producers Karen & Ron Roessler Kari & Bernie Dusich

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